Saturday, 23 July 2016

Wizard101 Bloggers (New & Old)

Hey Ho Wizards!
I haven't been blogging lately and i think i won't be blogging. But there are many people who love Wizard101 and have created their own blogs dedicated to Wizard101. There are many bloggers. I'm just gonna name a few and you can check my Wizard101 blogger gadget too:

1. James LifeMancer
2. Frostcaller
3. Around The Spiral with Edward LifeGem
4. Paige's Page
5. Friendly Necromancer
6. Ditto Monster
7. Secrets Of The Spiral
8. Duelist101
9.Spiral Radio 101
10. Legends of the Spiral

These are just some of the bloggers. There are many more out there. Congratulations to James LifeMancer! He just joined the blogging community! Most of these bloggers have been blogging for years like Frostcaller's been blogging for 4 years, Paige Moonshade 6 years..... :D

Have Fun. Keep blogging.
See ya in the Spiral everyone!!!!! (I may not blog anymore! Sorry)

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