Tuesday, 28 June 2016

New Mount- Astral Unicorn

You can't find a mount that suits you? Or your in a need of a mount that SIMPLY AWESOME? Well the wait is now over cause KingsIsle has just released a brand new mount for Wizard101 and it's something unlike anything you've ever seen!! Its a glistening glittering unicorn, known as Astral Unicorn in the game! It is priced for just 7500 crowns!!! This mount gives our wizard +45% speed.This mount is available in both permanent and rental versions.

What makes this mount so special?
There are lots of different things that makes this mount so special! They are given below:
  • This is the latest mount in the crown shop.
  • The detail of this mount is incredible! We can see the stars through the unicorn.
  • The colors are also amazing!
  • Its looks very magical!! The real beauty of this mount can only be identified when you see it in the dark, because the stars sparkle and the unicorn gives a magical look! 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Astral Unicorn from the Crown Shop and show off your mount's magical beauty!!!

Credits to Destiny Moon Stone for the screen shot. Notice the amazing detail.

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