Wednesday, 22 June 2016

How to Battle more efficiently

Battling now made easy in Wizard101

Wizard101 is an Online game developed by Kingsisle. It is a wizarding game with card magic, wands, wizards & witches etc. In Wizard101 we need to battle different foes in order to level up and earn gold, treasure cards and gear. There are many foes in Wizard101 and the players get to battle them in almost every quest! New players usually struggle in battling foes.... but fear not!! Battling is now made easy! 

There are different foes all over the spiral, some are very weak while others are very strong. Foes drop different items depending on the way you fought, and also whether the foe was a high rank or low rank.
New players usually intend to defeat the foe quickly, without paying attention to their health or mana. So always begin your fight with full health and mana.(If the opponent is very strong, Rank 3+.)  

Today i'll show you how to battle more efficiently in Wizard101. We'll battle Kraken, a Rank 3 Storm opponent. Let's Begin!

Kraken is not a very tough opponent but if a level 8-10 solo it, it might be a difficult opponent. But if you follow this guide, you'll be fine and may even solo it, just like me. Kraken also drop some really cool gear! (They are mentioned at the end.)

First of all, use shields on yourself. Protect yourself from harmful attacks so that you won't take that much damage and do not die easily/quickly.
Kraken is a Storm, so use shields that protect from Storm spells. 

So there ya go! You'll be totally safe from Storm and Ice spells! Now you want to finish the opponent, you can do this once and for all, or you can continuously use weak spells to defeat the opponent. I recommend Once-and-for-all method cause its fast and efficient! 
Use a trap on your opponent to increase the damage of your spell! In this case we'll be applying a Fire trap for the Sunbird.

And now, there will be a 25% increase in damage for my Sunbird spell! Isn't that cool? But the Sunbird hasn't showed up yet, so we'll use a very useful spell known as the link. It provides health to the player and damage to opponent. Use spells like these when the spell you want to use isn't showing up yet.

Link is a very useful spell! Now that our Sunbird has appeared, we'll finish off Kraken Once-and-for-all style! Use the spell that would break the trap and finish the opponent!!

And Kraken is now finished! Congratulations!! 

Gear Kraken Drops
This is the not the list of all the gear that Kraken drops. It's just the common one's that Kraken drops!
It drops
1.Helm of Audacity that gives us 1% shield.
2. The most coolest drop is the 1-day mount. I've got a 1-day Alphyn too!

So get ready for some efficient fighting in Wizard101! I'll soon release more guides, walkthroughs and Tips& Tricks for Wizard101!

Thanks for reading my very first blog! Happy Reading :) !!

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