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Gardening Guide- Wizard101

Gardening in Wizard101

Wizard101 is a game with many features. Wizard101 provides different activities for our Wizard like fishing, crafting, gardening etc. These activities are very useful for our Wizard as we can earn badges, money etc by performing  these activities. Today we'll discuss gardening; a very useful & fun activity in Wizard101.

Gardening allows us to grow magical plants like moon flower, tiger lily, laugh-O-dil etc. These plants add a very beautiful look to our dorms, castles etc. However, each plant has it's own specific needs. It also has likes and dislikes. As plants are very sensitive in real life, so they are in Wizard101 too!
These are needs of Moon Flower. If we don't take care of our plant, and don't fulfill its needs, it will begin to rot and eventually die. Now we don't want that do we? So follow my Guide for Gardening, and you'll become an expert gardener in no time!!

A wizard can begin gardening at level 12. There are different stages of plants which are given below!
We can begin our gardening career by visit the Wizard City's gardener, Farley at Golem Court. He'll tell you the basics of gardening. We can also buy decorations and gardening spells from Farley.

Farley sells gardening spells and decorations for our house/castle etc. Gardening is not as easy as it may sound, its pretty difficult. 
First of all we plant a seed of any plant anywhere in our castle or dorm. I recommend keeping a special place for plants. Overtime a seed will require different things like water, sunlight etc. If you fulfill its needs, the -plant will become healthy with a good growth! So always keep an eye on its needs!

You can only fulfill the plant's needs if you have that specific spell. There are many different spells, and Farley the Gardener sells those spells at Golem Court. So in order to become an Expert Gardener, you must buy all those cards cause you never know what will be the next need of your plant! Each card/spell costs 1000 gold and if you don't have enough gold, sell extra stuff.

Simply click on the card you need and cast it on the plant. Then wait for the dramatic effect of the cards!!! But remember, casting spells cost you energy, and each spell has its own energy cost. 
And there ya go! You've just fulfilled the plant's need!!
When your plant reaches the Mature stage, you'll have to Harvest it by pressing the "X" button.
You'll earn gardening experience when you harvest and your gardening rank will also increase, allowing you to plant advanced types of plants. 
By gardening, you also earn badges which you can proudly display under your name.

I hope this blog helped you, if you were having problems in gardening or if you needed any help!
Feel free to leave a comment below. You can also ask any question related to Gardening in Wizard101. Happy Reading :) !!

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